Know What Causes Success and Failure.
Do the Success Stuff. Don't Do the Failure Stuff.

   Successful network marketers know what to do.
   Then they go to work and do it.
   They give their business time to grow.
   It's that simple.

This is the book that tells you how.

You Can Have a Profitable Home Business

Bob Sharpe, a former DJ and Detroit talk show host, built the second largest organization for his former company in California from 2001-2011. He is currently working in a new company. This is is second book. He lives in Duarte, CA.

Evaluate the Business Opportunity

Then, it helps you evaluate the various home business opportunities and pick the one that is right for you. It shows you how to:

     1. Pick the right product
     2. Choose the right company
     3. Select the right team within the company

Success Step by Step

Then, once you start, it teaches you the skills to learn and the work to do to have the success you dream about.

Success comes by learning what to do and then by doing it diligently. After all, there is a reason the rich get richer. They know how to do it.

Success is a choice. Choose Success.

Why some network marketers succeed. (Do these things and you can too!). Page 55

Why the best sounding opportunities can be death traps to your success. Page 66

The 4 types of network marketing products, and which are the easiest to sell. Page 73

The little-known Government  program that can effectively reimburse the costs of starting
your businesses. See if you qualify. Page 91

4 stages to Massive Passive Income - Page 109

How to get people’s interest - Page 110

How to get people to ask you about your business - Page 129

How your chamber of commerce can help you build your business - Page 139

How to have people standing in line to hear about your business. Page 135

Where to find interested people to recruit. Page 137

How to get people from the Internet - Page 153

The Power System that makes your presentations for you - Page 169

Power words that get peoples’ attention and get them to take action. Page 195

How to leverage natural laws to explode your business. Page 205

The network marketer's guaranteed income - Page 247
What's in the Book
©2011 Bob Sharpedit
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